Player Profiles

Friday,  November 11

NBL23: Profile 1 of 12 - Tom Abercrombie

“He is literally the best captain I’ve ever been around.”

Thursday,  November 10

NBL23: Profile 2 of 12 - Rob Loe

"I have great expectations for Rob; both on the floor and as an individual in our locker room."

Wednesday,  November 9

NBL23: Profile 3 of 12 - Barry Brown

"Barry Brown has the potential to be the best defender and leading scorer in the NBL."

Tuesday,  November 8

NBL23: Profile 4 of 12 - Tom Vodanovich

"Tom Vodanovich was a very important get for us."

Monday,  November 7

NBL23: Profile 5 of 12 - Cam Gliddon

"We have a lot of good shooters on the team this year and Cam Gliddon is the best of then."

Sunday,  November 6

NBL23: Profile 6 of 12 - Will McDowell-White

"Will McDowell-White is one of the most exciting talents in the NBL."

Saturday,  November 5

NBL23: Profile 7 of 12 - Sam Timmins

"He's on a development path."

Friday,  November 4

NBL23: Profile 8 of 12 - Dererk Pardon

"We believe he fits perfectly in the team we are trying to build both as a person and as a player."

Thursday,  November 3

NBL23: Profile 9 of 12 - Rayan Rupert

"He wants to win basketball games. He plays with a competitive tenacity."

Wednesday,  November 2

NBL23: Profile 10 of 12 - Dan Fotu

"In the rebuild process, you want to lay foundations for the future"

Tuesday,  November 1

NBL23: Profile 11 of 12 - Jarrell Brantley

"Jarrell Brantley was our number one target"

Monday,  October 31

NBL23: Profile 12 of 12 - Izayah Le'afa

"Izayah Le'Afa is a foundational piece for the Breakers, for this season and moving forward."

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