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Rasmus Bach returns to Sky Sport Breakers for 2022

22 Jun
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The Sky Sport Breakers are taking up a club option and retaining versatile guard Rasmus Bach for a second year.
The 25-year-old was completely unknown to the NBL when Dan Shamir picked him out of obscurity in the Danish league last December to fill the final spot in his 10-man roster.
However, he exceeded all expectations playing all 36 games in the just-completed season averaging almost 16 minutes on court.
The Danish international also proved to be a clutch player in extreme pressure with memorable three-pointers at the death in wins against the Taipans and the Bullets during the Melbourne Hub.
He appeared to save his best performances for games against the Bullets, playing 39 minutes with a career-high 16 points and five rebounds in the 81-76 overtime win up in Brisbane on March 27.
“Rasmus is a five-star guy,” says Coach Shamir.
“Teammates love him, coaches love him, the last season was definitely a challenge and a lot of people were tested.  He was one of those guys I could always count on.”
Shamir has earned widespread praise for finding Bach in the first place after researching his background and finding he was holding an Australian passport. 
“Not a lot of people knew about him and his Australian passport, he came over here from Denmark and played the level that we expected but I don’t think a lot of people did,” says Shamir.
Bach established himself as the best free-throw shooter in the Breakers roster last season, shooting at 80 percent, and big things are expected of him now he is returning for a second season.
Shamir says he expects Bach to be even better next season after showing his worth during the just-completed Covid year, where the Breakers played 29 consecutive games on the road in Australia.
“We expect him to grow, we expect him to develop, and the good thing about him is he’s a very low maintenance guy, so you can really plug him in a lot of different places, he will defend when he needs to defend, he’s a versatile defender, he can defend both wings and target players.  
“We don’t know exactly right now what the shape of our team will be, it’s a process, but that’s the advantage of retaining a player like Rasmus in that he’s a great fit for a lot of different situations.”



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